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ADRIAN STILL HAS A PLACE IN HIS HEART FOR CONCORDE SEVERAL decades ago Adrian Meredith gained a high-flying new mistress who was faster than the speed of sound. It is a love that has never died and during the 30 years of their relationship, award-winning photographer Adrian has remained loyal and dedicated, his camera ever at the ready to capture dramatic images of his beloved Concorde right up until the moment she retired.

The Woodham resident has a smart studio at his home and a powerful website selling Concorde images and merchandise all over the world. Adrian fell for the supersonic bird when she came into commercial service in 1976. It was a notable year for Adrian as he won the Ilford Photographer of the Year Award and gained a new job at British Airways as an in-house senior photographer. It seemed a far cry from starting out as a tea and messenger boy in Fleet Street and gave him unequalled access to the world of aviation.

Adrian’s most prestigious assignment was the celebration of Concorde’s 10th Anniversary, where he made the suggestion of launching 4 Concordes in succession, to create various formation airborne images. British Airways agreed, an thought it was a great idea, the only problem was to find a specific day where we would have 4 commercial Concordes available at the same time. The only day available was Christmas Eve 1985, what a date for the calendar!!

Adrian was also given the prestigious assignment of photographing the Queen Mother on Concorde to celebrate her 85th Birthday.


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